Sunday, January 2, 2022




My dear Stitching Friends, 


It has been a tradition now that I design a cute new year cross stitch pattern dedicated to the Chinese zodiac for my dear visitors.  

The Chinese New Year begins on February and there are 12 animals to which certain years correspond.  

2022 will be the year of the Water Tiger, which only occurs every 60 years. This Chinese zodiac sign is known for its power, boldness and predilection for doing everything big, and this year is all about going big or going home, according to Susan Levitt, author of Taoist Astrology: A Handbook of the Authentic Chinese Tradition.

The design is for DMC threads, but feel free to use any other brand you like!:-) 


The pattern is available for free for personal use.  

To download the pattern in full size, please, click here: DOWNLOAD


Happy New Year with lots of stitching time!






Monday, October 25, 2021


 Dear Stitching Friends, 

I am happy to share with you here the next round of my Halloween Minis series I run on my Instagram. 

You can download the pattern in high resolution PDF file, click here: DOWNLOAD

Happy stitching!

You can also view the parts here: 



Sunday, October 17, 2021


 Dear Stitching Friends, 

I am happy to share with you the next 4 Halloween Minis patterns I am running on Instagram

You can also find a download link below, where you can download it for personal use for free.



Happy stitching!

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Halloween Minis 1-4.

Dear Stitchers, 


I am happy to share with you the first four designs of the Halloween Minis free pattern series. 

The patterns are going viral daily on Instagram.   I will upload the patterns here a couple days after. 


You can download the pattern of the first four designs in PDF here, the size is 10,4 MB:





 Happy stitching!:-)




Friday, October 8, 2021




Dear Stitching Friends, 

I have started a new Halloween project today on October 08th, 2021 for my Instagram followers: I am going to share tiny, supercute, easy to stitch Halloween designs almost daily, I am happy if you are interested, too.

I am most active on Instagram, but I understand that not everybody likes stitching from mobile and tablet screens.  There is no problem at all, I wake up this old blog of mine and share a link of each Halloween Minis design to download in higher resolution and also to print if you wish, ok?:-) 

Please note, this series is designed for Instagram and is a thankful gift for my followers there, so I will upload the patterns here only a couple days later. 


Thank you very much!

 Happy stitching!:-) 





Monday, August 26, 2019

New patterns

My dear Stitchers,

I am very busy packing everything all up and finishing things for the wonderful needlework event I am participating this September: Fili Senza Tempo in Italy.   I haven't been to any event for some time now due to my photography works, so I am very-very excited to go!:-)

I will bring many new designs, some have been released lately:

For more information and  order please visit  SHOP

Happy stitching!

Monday, May 27, 2019

One old, one new:-)

My dear Stitchers,

I hope you are doing well and going to have a great summer with lots of stitching time!:-) 

I spend lot of time with my new love:  photography (by the way, it is me on the picture with an old beautiful machine:-)  The interesting thing is that since I have started to learn professional photography in 2016 and I focus a lot in cameras as I shot loads every week, my eyes turned sharper! The doctor even had to change the diopters of my glasses/contact lenses, can you believe that?  I think I found the perfect job to improve my eyes to my cross stitching!:-)  Well... I still have to use a magnifier lamp in the evening as 40 count is still my favourite. 

This year The Snowflower Diaries will travel to Italy this September, I hope to meet many of you, darling!

I have released a long awaited pattern today, Pure Love for your request.  This pattern has been first published in a JCS magazine in 2015 and you have been keeping asking me to publish it one day.  Link

Tomorrow I will bring you a brand new patriotic pattern, this will be my first patriotic pattern as a respect for my lovely-lovely stitching friends in the USA who I miss very much!:)

Happy stitching!