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With my priceless timing I upload the chart of my Little Mermaid design in these past days of summer (well, you can save the pattern for the next sunny season if you wish:-) IN HUNGARIAN:  e lképesztő időzítéssel a Kis Hableány mintámat most töltöm fel, a nyár utolsó napjaiban (nem baj, elmenthetitek a következő napsugaras szezonra ha gondoljátok:-)

Mermaid with Elisabeth Bennet

I brought a new free cross stitch design today for you (downloadable pattern is coming soon). It seems I had a lesson to learn, because I am committing one disaster after the other with my finishings. (I must visit Professor Snape to cast a spell for me)   This poor lady was nicely framed in April, it took over an hour to choose the right frame (it was a nice shabby white one) and a dark green border. In May I fall in love with Jill Rensel 's idea of decorating the framed stiched items in the USA.  I thought my mermaid would love to have a painted extra, decent sea weed and bubbles and fishes.  Oh, yeah... don't ask.  The result looked so awful, I cut out my stitching, throw it under our bed and left it for good. She is still looking for her frame.  This one you see on these pictures is not her permament home, only a shelter for the last weeks of summer.   She is swimming to far away shores soon as the cold season is coming and giving her place here to  my autumn designs,


I am very excited to announce the winners of my first giveaway!  :-) Please, dear WINNERS, contact me in August with your postal address!:-)  As you can see the children picked the second names, too, who will receive the package in case we don't find each other with the winners in cyberspace.  I did not want to leave it to the last day of August, because I know my children, they must play with the cards we used and there is no way to keep them intact.  I know I rise the  hopes of these three dear stitchers, too, so I would like to offer them a surprise gift in September in case the winner takes the giveaway package, so, please, contact me with your postal address as well! Thank you!  I would like to thank everybody who had entered my giveaway, I promise you don't have to wait long for the next one at all!    IN HUNGARIAN: Izgatottan jelentem be első játékom nyerteseit!  Megkérem a NYERTESEKET, hogy vegyék fel velem a kapcsolatot augusztusban a