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29 days to Needlework Expo and the Magical Plants

  Dear Diary,  A month and I will be in the middle of the Expo!   The pile on my desk and my living room is growing, also I still find myself sketching new ideas and arguing with myself that now we should draw a line, I already have enough designs.    I had only a few hours in the evening as it was workday, I had been working on the main piece (I call it crown piece) of my new 7-piece Magical Plants series, it will be first released for the Expo and it will be released in my shop only in November.    This main piece is my personal favourite for the Needlework Expo.   It seems it will be the last one to be fully finished.  I also wait 2 shippings from one of my model stitchers.  Until if you are curious, here is the first piece, SACRED SAGE of the Magical Plants series, it has been published two weeks ago and available in pdf with instant download upon purchase in the Etsy shop :  It is stitched with Gentle Art Sampler Threads and DMC, and as always you can find the DMC conversation

30 days to Needlework Expo

  Dear Diary,  Today I could focus entirely on my needlework for the expo and did a lot of progress.  I took a day off and after my morning gardening and picking sweet juicy tomatoes, I have jumped right into ironing the stitched pieces waiting for framing and finishing.  The rest of morning was filled with taking pictures and short videos.   I was advised to create an introduction video to my online booth, I was told Lindy Stitches had a great one, well, I can totally imagine it as she is one of the funniest designer on Earth, I am a fangirl of her work and her TikTok videos!  The July weather is extremely hot and I have no air condition.  Jumping around barefoot in the garden with christmas wreath and santa ornaments next to my kids summer giant flamingo, unicornis and alligator swimming rings was just priceless. The biggest task today to work on my Shopify store design and settings.  You can connect your Shopify store to the online expo and help the buyers to set their wholesale or

31 days till the Needlework Expo or Hello Eyebrow!

  Dear Diary,  I start a daily blog today about my journey to my first online trade show, the Needlework Expo in Aug 27-29, 2022.  As a good girl I have handwritten a strict timetable and weekly, daily to-do lists to fulfill everything for the expo and put a bunch of post-its around my table. I had also occupied the big dining table from my children, because I had to pack out everything meant to the expo in boxes, it is likely it will stay here till the end of the Needlework Expo, so let's see how are we doing today: Today we have 31 days left till the Needlework Expo. It is the gestational time of a rabbit:-)))   I have scheduled only a shy short list for today as I have to spend my day in my office with my 'muggle' job. First a quick meeting with one of my model stitchers, Zsuzsa early morning, she has finished one of the expo releases and it was those occasions when I found the stitched piece even more gorgeous than I remembered how it looked on screen as a mockup!  I ga

Joining the Needlework Expo (Aug 27-29, 2022)

   Dear Stitching Friends,    I am happy to tell you, The Snowflower Diaries is going to the Needlework Expo!  I really hope you will be able to purchase the patterns from your nearest and dearest local needlework stores after the show: you shall receive the official printed patterns faster and with less shipping cost than ordering from abroad. I have decided to attend last year and I hope I have created cross stitch patterns you will die for:-))) I enjoyed every minute putting together the collection to be released.  If you would like to know more about the expo click here    I will show sneak peaks and full reveals of the designs during the upcoming weeks, your shops will also receive the specifications.     Please, if you see anything you would love to have a copy, contact your shop and ask them to reserve a copy for you.   My booth will be available and welcoming shops during the expo full time:-)  This way you can have a copy of the patterns way ahead of others in September, becau