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I would like to dedicate this post to my dear friend, Hungarian creative blogger, Éva Hosszú-Bardócz, whose enthusiasm and love toward antiques and flea market findings is a constant inspiration and she is a teacher in so many ways.    HUN: Ezt a bejegyzést kedves kreatív blogger barátnőmnek, Hosszú-Bardócz Évának ajánlom, akinek a lelkesedése és szeretete az antik és bolha piacos kincsek iránt folyamatosan inspirál, és aki számtalan módon tanítómmá lett. I had considered myself as a hopeless case who has no talent to make good bargains at flea markets, got frigthened by loud vendors, loads of junk, never found anything, and ran home asap:-)   When Évi started her blogseries on HER OWN flea market tips and methods instead of speaking in general like so many articles did, I finally realised that her methods match her personality, maybe I shall try in a way that comforts me most.  This was the most important message for me.  It is fine if something works with many, but if i