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Free pattern update and planning 2015

My darlings, Thank you very-very much for all your comments to my last post.  I am one happy person to have such friends both online and offline!:-) How are you doing in these first days of 2015? I was busy planning The Snowflower Diaries new year.  I have a book of secrets every year with all the plannings and scheduling. This year it is much more detailed, I made a yearly, monthly and daily plans to, a blogging and a business plan, too. I show you my desk today when I finished...  Some truffles and bonbons for happiness:-)  Below the planner lay the sketches of new designs. ...and now let me upload here the new pattern of one of my very first designs, SPRING BUNNY LOVE that was designed exactly 2 years ago in January.  I had improved my style and the quality of digital patterns, so I redesigned the pattern, please, welcome!:-) It is free to download for personal use. The model was stiched with Nina's Threads and finished with her silk petal ribbon,