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Good evening dear stitchers, The muse is not kissing me with super Valentine pattern ideas, but all over me with spring ones. Now the real, classic winter with all the white and cold has arrived to my country, too, but nevermind, my spring flowers are blooming in all their yellow an purple glory!  I must have a deep attachment to purple tulips or I am simply this dull as a designer, because last year's favourite was also starring a purple one.  Remember this little chic? :-)  IN HUNGARIAN:   Szép jó estét kedves hímzők! A múzsa nem halmoz el szuper Valentin napi hímzésminta ötletekkel, ellenben tele vagyok tavaszi ihlettel - most, hogy az igazi, klasszikus tél is megérkezett hazánkba, fehéren és hidegen, de mit számít, az én tavaszi virágaim így is sárgán és lilán virágoznak teljes pompájukban a vásznon!  Bizonyára szoros vonzalmat érzek a lila tulipánok iránt vagy szimplán ennyire unalmas tervező vagyok, de a tavalyi kedvenc mintán is egy lila tulipáné volt a főszerep.

Hello 2014

Hello 2014,  good-bye 2013 I  hope you all had wonderful holidays!  We had the greatest Christmas in my parent's house, the only thing we were missing - we are still missing - is the snow!   The weather went crazy in Hungary, it feels like spring, the season of tulip bossom and Easter though it is January which supposed to be the coldest month.  This warm winter is very unusual and I miss the good old icy winters with knee-high snow of last years. A year ago I was a stay-at-home mom with three kids living a very isolated life in a village where I hardly knew anybody.  At the end of February I went back to work as a lawyer again into the heart of the capital city, and a week later The Snowflower Diaries was launched. Let's start this year with a new series!  Last year I had designed you a seasonal series of witches, but Professor Hooked Nose Snape has sentenced me to pick slimy frogs from his jars for revealing too much for the muggle world, not to mention the witches