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Free design - JE VOUS AIME BEAUCOUP:-)

Good afternoon,  Only days and I will be in France, I am already packing, planning and so excited! :-) This will be also the first business trip of The Snowflower Diaries and I am happy I am keeping this diary, because it will record the first occasion I visit a huge international needlework fair, L' aiguille en fete in Paris, first in my life.  I would like to watch and learn a lot from the "big names", feel the pulse of the European needlework market, get  inspired beyond anything else.  I cannot wait to meet and great my dear French online friends now in real life with real hugs and get social!    To celebrate this event I had made the French version of my beloved pattern I dedicated to my children: You Are So Loved.   It is a free pattern.  The French version is taller, because I had to lift the upper flowers, too. I had also made some plastic surgery on the English chart, and now it is shrinked to a supermodel size 1 page chart and I improved the quality,