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Updated with the winners and special gifts - June 02=2014. UPDATE : My Darlings,  thank you very much for participating our second giveaway!:-) I had never expected so many participants, my right hand is aching of writing names after names after names all day long.  LOVE YOU SO MUCH!      I am happy to announce the winner BLUEBERRY-HEART!  ...and being so touched by the number of participants I decided to pick 20 pieces of papers with names, and all of them wins one digital (pdf) pattern of The Snowflower Diaries. Please, if you read your name here, feel free to contact me at email address till August 31st and claim your pattern.  You can choose any patterns that are currently (or during the summer) for sale.  I write in alphabetical order: Anette kincsei Anto:o) Bepa Catherine Dupland Cucki Csicsóné Melinda DJ Edige granulledbeauty Juddesign Kryx Melissa Miller LaNelle Pam in IL Tanucha Tatkis Tild

New pattern: JANE EYRE

*Updated (May 17/12014) with the French and Hungarian versions!:-) Good evening, Please welcome one of my favourite heroine of romantic novels, Mrs. Rochester from the times she was called simply Jane Eyre.  I dreamed of a design that is true to her character and the way she has described herself as plain and small.  I could catch the way Rochester saw her first in my sketchbook, the cross stitch version is rather the ways she looks at herself.  IN HUNGARIAN Kérlek fogadjátok szeretettel egyik kedves romantikus regény hősnőmet, Rochesternét azokból az időkből, amikor még Jane Eyre-nek hívták.  Olyan mintát szerettem volna alkotni, amely hűen tükrözi a karakterét, és azt, ahogy ő saját magát jellemezte: egy egyszerű és kis teremtésként.  A vázlatfüzetemben érdekes módon viszont inkább az jött elő, ahogy Rochester látta őt először.  stitched with ©  The Gentle Ar t hand dyed threads and DMC The French version reads as follows:  The H

New pattern: VIVA LA FRIDA

Good evening, I am happy to present you one of my samplers, VIVA LA FRIDA.   It is very different from yesterday's calm and peaceful swan design, it is very powerful, it works like a magnet. Well, she works like a magnet if you ask me.  She is Frida Kahlo de Rivera, Mexican painter. It is not usual that a female artist became world famous. The history of art is the history of male artists.  I adore Frida to be a very rare exception, the strength and courage she had despite all the physical pain and sufferings she had.   Designing her was a journey.  I have changed the whole conception of her sitting on a chair in wild life to a standing in the front.  I know you might think I am crazy, but I think she made me to do so... as to draw a little rose to the pair of roses below.    We are both happy for the final result, I hope you will like it, too:-) The little parrots are my secret favorites...:-) The pattern is  availabe in digital (pdf) form in our ETSY sh


Dear Stitchers, I always had a dream of finding long forgotten, old-old antique cross stitch samplers somewhere that are close to my own taste and create reproduction samplers.  Well, my chance to that is close to zero.  Especially that  I am absolutely a loser if it is about antique flea markets: I am too shy in haggling, so these sellers eat me for breakfast;-) So I had created my own samplers...  please, welcome the first one, Swans & Butterflies, queen of our living room, born with the spring breeze and the awakening of nature.  Stay tuned, because tomorrow I will bring on its sister and put some heat and spice in colours! ;-) The tulip was for the photo shoot of the sampler coming tomorrow, I show you her colours what to expect..mmm:)   I will put the two samplers together tomorrow to our ETSY shop.  HAPPY STITCHING!:-) IN HUNGARIAN Kedves Hímzőtársak,  Mindig is arról álmodoztam, hogy egyszer én is találok valahol egy rég elfeledett,