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Dear Stitchers, We have arrived to the finish of my primitive cross stitch calendar, Joyful World. Tonight, before the clock hits midnight, I release the pattern of the last month, December. I am happy and sad at the same time.   Designing and creating this calendar became part of my life, almost like a job I love. According to my filofax notes, designing (in 20+ languages), stitching, photoshooting, photoshoping, pattern making, releasing, promoting this calendar needed 121 days in 10 months, mainly the evening hours. I have started releasing the first month this January in 2016 and hoped for some folks to come by and join the stich along of this calendar pattern I designed for my children.  I expected 30+ participants, most of them friends who are too nice to say no:-)   Today, November 10, 2016 there are 6.481 members in our Facebook group dedicated to this SAL.   You can guess that I am in shock for many months now. I am happy we have done it, because we have done it