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One post, one peak

How is your weekend?  There is much excitement here, first of all I am getting my business  notes and designing folder ready to meet Nina next week who dyes the wonderful threads for my patterns.   I am to bribe her to dye linens for the  The Snowflower Diaries:-) I will nominate some of my needleworks for the national cross stitching exhibiton and contest that opens July 27 in Budapest.    My primitve, naiv style is not really "mainstream" here in Hungary, as gobelins and painting-look-alike works are the local celebs, but it is alright, no problem with that,  believe me.  I am more excited to meet many online stitching friends there!  Flesh and blood stitchers, finally!:-) Other designers are much better with timings and had already launched the summer designs, I hope my summer flowers, birds and mermaids will arrive before the autumn leaves, too:-) A sneak peak for today: IN HUNGARIAN: Hogy telik a hétvégétek?  Nagy izgalom van nálam, először is

Coming to the spotlight...:-)

Hello blogging world, I am very happy to celebrate the warmest season with you! As I have promised you on facebook , there are  lots of surprise to come this season, so take a yummie summer coctail with you and stay tuned!  New patterns, sneak peaks to the backstage, giveaways.  The Snowflower Diaries is going to launch new projects and expands its profile from cross stitch designs. I started this blog as a diary about my way in the needlework industry from ground zero, from a noname designer position, well, no, it is not correct, I am  further from that,  I began as a full-time lawyer and mother of many children who started stitching by night 2 years ago with 4 (four) threads (2 green and 2 pink, I think I had been burnt alive in the Middle Ages for this) on a cheap Tesco bedlinen. Do you want to see my other guilty pleasures besides stitching? :-)   Pinterest is your guide. Click to my Pinterest boards I will tell more about my stitching story in the next posts, it