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What about a Black Friday Big Sale? :-) I announce a Black Friday Shopping Sale for all the available  patterns with the following terms: - order by email to on November 29th (Friday), 2013 - all patterns are 30% off:    5.6Euro/pattern instead of the standard 8 Euro/pattern price - payment is via Paypal (except customers for Hungary who can choose other) - shipping time: 1-2 business days after payment (if you order printed pattern after I run out of stock - I have plenty, but in case;-), I inform you about this fact and you can choose if you still want your order with 7 days shipping time.) - shipment: watermarked pdf patterns via email, printed patterns via tracked post in flat, bubble envelope -  international shipping cost: - digital (pdf) patterns: no shipping costs                        - printed patterns: 1-4 items: 4 euro, 5-10 items: 7 euro - domestic (Hungarian) shipping cost for printed patterns: see BONUS: if yo


Dear Stitching Friends,  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  I had some work to do, but now after some chocolate and mulled wine with my husband, I feel much better and relaxed.  I am very excited to share my second winter design this year, it is called ANGEL'S BLESSING. It is available in our Etsy shop or via emai in digital (pdf) pattern and it will be available in high quality printed form and in kits from November 29th! The model was stiched on 32 ct Zweigart linen hand dyed by Nina . Threads:   Nina's Threads Hunter, Brown Rust, Caramel, Clay, Soot and DMC 5200 I have used rusty-orange glass beads, too.  I wish you a nice week, happy stitching!:-)  IN HUNGARIAN: Kedves hímzős lányok! Remélem, jól sikerült a hétvégétek.   Nekem sajnos dolgoznom kellett, de némi csokoládé és a férjemmel történt forralt borozás után máris sokkal jobban érzem magam, és izgatottan mutatom meg nektek második téli mintámat az idei évben, mely


THEODORA  available in my Etsy shop or email me, please My Theodora... ... is the sole survivor of the pack of my Halloween designs.  I have delayed the publication of them to next year, because a month before Christmas it is too late now to publish them, but I could not resist her.  Maybe because despite her pumpkin orange blouse she is not a real Halloween, seasonal autumn design.  As you can see my witches (now I have a couple witches flying here:-) I am not for the wicked  type mastering in dark arts and casting ugly spells.  She is more like Sybill Trelawney:-)  Theodora lives very close to nature, has a lot of animals and birds around, at least twenty cats I might say. The village people are suspicious, because she seems to understand their language so well, she is a whisperer and what is more according to the local legend she transforms to a crow every midnight;-) Design size: 98 W x 138 H Theodora will test the op


'ANGELA'   available in PDF (digital) pattern format and in high quality printed form   in my Etsy shop or emailing me: Today I introduce you a design that is very kind to my heart for many reasons. Her working name was "Blessing" until I named her Angela.  I am not too good in giving names, it is always in the very last name my mind "clicks".   It was the same with my children;-) This design was created for charity for a cause we are involved for six years now.  The total profit of this design goes to a rather poor children day-care center in Budapest where I led a huge makeover this summer, you can read more details about it here .  I would like to put a crown onto it, after creating a fresh, clean and healthy environment let these children have good and modern toys.  Thank you for your help! I will keep you updated how the project is going! The model was stitched by my dear friend, Éva Bogyay,

Now open..:-)

I am happy to announce that our shop has opened an hour ago!:-) You are very welcome!:-) All my dear customers who purchase from this shop or via email in the first week (till November 12, 2013) is to receive an email(convo) from me to choose a gift for yourself that I will send you with your purchase.  Those who purchase only digital items receive a digital gift I send you with your pattern. All our listed items can be ordered via EMAIL, too: thesnowflowerdiaries[at]