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  Dear Diary,  I don't know where the time went... it is now only 5 days to go and I am getting super nervous and excited at the same time!  To this day we had to get our booth ready for the #needleworkexpo online page, I still have some smaller adjustments to do: to link my brand new shop I set up for the wholesale buyers and upload my stickerpacks! We will have dress reherseals in the next days! Let's see what I have accomplished in the past days since my last blogpost:  - the new releases are printed, though I had a hard time to estimate how much to print as I have never been to the needleworkexpo and don't know what to expect.    The printing was a challenge, I tell you, I had changed the printing company and chose new brand of papers!  I also invested in a professional printer to my office, an Epson goddess to print the stickers and information sheets.  - I had bought my first Cricut machine from Spain, ah, it is so dangerous, because I am so addicted to the many featu

19 days to Needlework Expo or we are in turbooo mooode:-)))

        Dear Diary,    I have been so very busy these days that I have skipped a whole 10 days of recording everything here, but believe me, we were not resting at all...:-) okay, maybe one day, when I was abducted by aliens and was forced to binge watch Netflix.   First, let's talk about the debuting new patterns! There is now only 1 that is still under stitching, and this is the so called "crown" piece of my Magical Plants cross stitch pattern series.  I have no excuse, while I was stitching I got better ideas and made some alteration to the pattern and also had to change some colours, too.   There are 4 stitched pieces at the framers, I have been working in home office and did not go to central Budapest where the framer is, hopefully I can pick them up tomorrow (and pay a lot of money:D).  The rest are fine, I have altogether twelve new releases, but maybe I will pair some up, I will see, how they look better.  The photoshooting is still going, because we have started