Dear Diary, 

I don't know where the time went... it is now only 5 days to go and I am getting super nervous and excited at the same time! 

To this day we had to get our booth ready for the #needleworkexpo online page, I still have some smaller adjustments to do: to link my brand new shop I set up for the wholesale buyers and upload my stickerpacks! We will have dress reherseals in the next days!

Let's see what I have accomplished in the past days since my last blogpost: 

- the new releases are printed, though I had a hard time to estimate how much to print as I have never been to the needleworkexpo and don't know what to expect.    The printing was a challenge, I tell you, I had changed the printing company and chose new brand of papers!  I also invested in a professional printer to my office, an Epson goddess to print the stickers and information sheets. 

- I had bought my first Cricut machine from Spain, ah, it is so dangerous, because I am so addicted to the many features of it, I could spend all day cutting things, not to mention the loads of sticker making videos on TikTok

- I had set up my real vendor booth at home the shops will see through their cameras, I had a clear idea about the look, the colors and atmoshpere.  My Dad was here today helping to arrange the background.

- I had made the first flosstube videos for my brand, but I am still afraid to post, it is a big step for me to join the lovely ladies of the flosstube community! :-) I enjoy watching others' flosstube videos more than creating my own!   One thing is for sure, I am getting more and more comfortable with the cutting process and movie making, and I hope my voice won't be shaky after a couple videos...:-) 

- I brought home the new releases from the framer.  The framer is not in a most friendly place in Budapest, so I am not too happy when I have to walk those streets alone, I have a TikTok video if you are interested.   Now they are home!   The Frida pattern is stitched twice, because a Mexican restaurant will have it on its walls in Budapest, woohooo!:-)))

I am super nervous about my newsletter to the shops, I have made a beautiful one, but oh, my, I was sitting on it for a week to gether my strenth to send it, they will get it tomorrow morning. 

In the following days my to-do list is the following: 

- finish and print all the packaging stuff, stickers, thank you cards, business cards etc

- arrange the pick-up time with FedEx in advance for the follow-up days of the Expo

- print and cut more stickers and other yummie things I have designed for the stitching community:-))

- be very active on social media and post as many things expo-related as possible 

- learn tips from fellow designers who will be vendors at the expo, too


We are looking forward to busy days!  

I am happy the rain has also arrived after this dry and hot summer, I feel so much better, I have to tell you working feels much better in the kind sound of the pouring rain at the moment, too!



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  1. I have just found your blog, thanks to an old Flosstube by Sew on Wednesday. I was looking at your 2016 prim calendar that you so graciously provided for free. I cannot find what fabric you stitched the model on….it is a lovely gray shade. I’d love to know the count linen you used also. Would you mind sharing these details? Carol in Texas

  2. I have loved stitching several of your designs over the years and just finally framed my Joyful World calendar in order to enter it into our county fair this week! It is one of my very favorite things I have ever stitched. Please join in on flosstube! My mom and have one we do together and have shared about your designs over the two years we have been flosstubing! We are called Stitch and Stuff and we would love to watch you if you end up publishing ♥️ Happy stitching!

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