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Dear Friends, There is only 30 mins left from 2014! It had been the hardest and darkest year of my life, I had learnt so much about people and myself, too. I am very thankful I step into 2015 with a clear vision of those who proved to be real family and friends, friends in need.  I am very thankful that the trauma that broke my life into pieces also broke those stony fossil layers on my soul that made my eyes blind for so long and forgot what lays really inside, down under, who I am and what was my heart's real desire. When I was a child  I was so sensitive, more sensitive than anyone I met, I had nobody to understand and after a while I labelled myself as crazy, too who has way too vivid fantasy.   As the years passed I slowly and imperceptidly forgot to see and feel.  I always thought others knew better who I am, they must be right what is best for me. Wrong. I very rarely listened to that silent voice inside.       This year I had to learn things can change from


Good evening, I am very happy to spend the rest of the week at home with my kids.   I am also planning the 2015 year of The Snowflower Diaries using a couple free printable planners I found on Pinterest and - of course - I had to buy new set of pens in all colours, stickers and tapes;-)   I must be more organised in the future and use my time wiser, this was the main conclusion of 2014.   Today I brought you a new design, friend of yesterday's Elise.  She is Josephine .   The pattern is 128 W x 95 H, the model was stitched with DMC and The Gentle Art Threads.    It is available in our Etsy shop. Tomorrow I am coming with a primitive design called Winter Friends:-) Happy stitching!:-) Hugs IN HUNGARIAN Szép estét!  Úgy örülök, hogy a hét hátralévő részében itthon lehetek a gyerekekkel.  A szabadság alatt a 2015. évi célkitűzéseket is szeretném összeállítani a Snowflower Diaries számára, le is töltöttem a Pinterestről néhány ingyenes blogtervezőt, és -


Dear Girls, I am happy to present you a new release each day till the end of 2014 :-) Actually I scheduled earlier release dates, but I was called to work in Brussels, Belgium.   When I was attending law school I was dreaming of working at EU headquarters one day, I am so happy my dream came true!:-)   I had designed two beautiful Renaissance style winter ladies, today please welcome ELISE !:-)  Stiched with DMC and The Gentle Art threads the pattern measures 126 W x 92 H. The pattern is  in our Etsy shop .  IN HUNGARIAN:    Kedves Lányok!  Örömmel értesítelek Benneteket, hogy 2014 végéig minden nap érkezik egy új minta:-) Korábbi megjelenési dátumokat terveztem, de közbeszólt egy munka Brüsszelben, Belgiumban.   Amikor a jogi karra jártam,  elképzeltem, milyen jó lenne az EU szerveinél dolgozni egy nap, jó érzés, hogy belekóstolhattam. Két szépséges reneszánsz, téli hölgyet terveztem, kérlek, fogadjátok szeretettel Elisét! :-) DMC és The Gentle