19 days to Needlework Expo or we are in turbooo mooode:-)))


Dear Diary, 
I have been so very busy these days that I have skipped a whole 10 days of recording everything here, but believe me, we were not resting at all...:-) okay, maybe one day, when I was abducted by aliens and was forced to binge watch Netflix.  

First, let's talk about the debuting new patterns!
There is now only 1 that is still under stitching, and this is the so called "crown" piece of my Magical Plants cross stitch pattern series.  I have no excuse, while I was stitching I got better ideas and made some alteration to the pattern and also had to change some colours, too.  

There are 4 stitched pieces at the framers, I have been working in home office and did not go to central Budapest where the framer is, hopefully I can pick them up tomorrow (and pay a lot of money:D). 

The rest are fine, I have altogether twelve new releases, but maybe I will pair some up, I will see, how they look better.  The photoshooting is still going, because we have started to build the website of The Snowflower Diaries with full force and realised we could very well use newly styled and fresh photos of former patterns, too, so it will take a couple hours to add everything up and let the cameras roll!:-))) Thank God, I have a degree in photograpy and doesn't have to hire someone. 

We have created the beautiful newsletter for the registered shops we will send it on Monday and on Tuesday, so they can share these with all the lovely stichters who shall set their pre-orders. 

The biggest challenge this week was the shooting of the first flosstube video with my marvellous Hungarian accent, now I have to cut it to some edible shape.    We will shoot the second flosstube video right in row while the camera is still hot:-))))  The reason is that it will be dedicated entirely to the Needlework Expo releases, so I can use this video at the expo, too, in my booth for those who are interested.  I am better then Netflix, guys!:DDD

I show you the cover of the first video:

Otherwise I am getting exhausted, there are so many new accomplishments,  so I will not hard on myselft, because I think we are doing very well for the expo, Janis is also super helpful and kind. 
I start each day by watching the new posts on Instagram with #needleworkexpo, I tell you, there are so many wonderful designs already and the designers are going to bomb us in the next days with new pics!
Love you! 


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