29 days to Needlework Expo and the Magical Plants


Dear Diary, 

A month and I will be in the middle of the Expo!   The pile on my desk and my living room is growing, also I still find myself sketching new ideas and arguing with myself that now we should draw a line, I already have enough designs. 


I had only a few hours in the evening as it was workday, I had been working on the main piece (I call it crown piece) of my new 7-piece Magical Plants series, it will be first released for the Expo and it will be released in my shop only in November. 


This main piece is my personal favourite for the Needlework Expo.   It seems it will be the last one to be fully finished.  I also wait 2 shippings from one of my model stitchers. 

Until if you are curious, here is the first piece, SACRED SAGE of the Magical Plants series, it has been published two weeks ago and available in pdf with instant download upon purchase in the Etsy shop

It is stitched with Gentle Art Sampler Threads and DMC, and as always you can find the DMC conversation in the pattern.  

The main piece of the series that is to be released during the Needlework Expo for shops is double in size and I just love, love the way it looks!

The Snowflower Diaries INSTAGRAM 

The Snowflower Diaries TIKTOK 

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The Snowflower Diaries ETSY SHOP



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