30 days to Needlework Expo


Dear Diary, 

Today I could focus entirely on my needlework for the expo and did a lot of progress.  I took a day off and after my morning gardening and picking sweet juicy tomatoes, I have jumped right into ironing the stitched pieces waiting for framing and finishing. 

The rest of morning was filled with taking pictures and short videos.   I was advised to create an introduction video to my online booth, I was told Lindy Stitches had a great one, well, I can totally imagine it as she is one of the funniest designer on Earth, I am a fangirl of her work and her TikTok videos!  The July weather is extremely hot and I have no air condition.  Jumping around barefoot in the garden with christmas wreath and santa ornaments next to my kids summer giant flamingo, unicornis and alligator swimming rings was just priceless.

The biggest task today to work on my Shopify store design and settings.  You can connect your Shopify store to the online expo and help the buyers to set their wholesale orders through this site.   I have been thinking to establish my own webshop for many months, but definately Needlework Expo has given me the kickstart, I am very thankful, Janis! (Otherwise it would take me another one hundred years.) 

So when I started today it looked this sad:

After an hour it starts to look like this: 

I have uploaded some cool photos, the social media buttons and contact information, also some shop items to get the feel of it, I will continue during the next couple days!   As most of the attending buyers at the expo are from the United States, I set everything in USD. 

In the evening I was working on calculations of best shipping options, and what is also very important, how to make the packing as ecofriendly as possible.   I have a favourite supplier in Budapest of all kinds of packing stuff near a magnificent synagoge, I usually go to their store by person to choose, because I usually find new ideas and I love the scent of all kinds of paper, prints and ribbons, we will see what they suggest! Plus they are lovely people! 

At about 6 pm I let myself relax, I continued my painting, this was my chilling time listening to great music in the background, enjoying a nice coffee. 

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