Monday, May 27, 2019

One old, one new:-)

My dear Stitchers,

I hope you are doing well and going to have a great summer with lots of stitching time!:-) 

I spend lot of time with my new love:  photography (by the way, it is me on the picture with an old beautiful machine:-)  The interesting thing is that since I have started to learn professional photography in 2016 and I focus a lot in cameras as I shot loads every week, my eyes turned sharper! The doctor even had to change the diopters of my glasses/contact lenses, can you believe that?  I think I found the perfect job to improve my eyes to my cross stitching!:-)  Well... I still have to use a magnifier lamp in the evening as 40 count is still my favourite. 

This year The Snowflower Diaries will travel to Italy this September, I hope to meet many of you, darling!

I have released a long awaited pattern today, Pure Love for your request.  This pattern has been first published in a JCS magazine in 2015 and you have been keeping asking me to publish it one day.  Link

Tomorrow I will bring you a brand new patriotic pattern, this will be my first patriotic pattern as a respect for my lovely-lovely stitching friends in the USA who I miss very much!:)

Happy stitching!


  1. That's a lovely pattern, and I can't wait to see the patriotic one! Will you be posting some of your photography?

  2. So lovely to hear from you! Looking forward to seeing the patriotic pattern. Hope you will share some of your photos as well. All the best! xx

  3. très heureuse de te "relire"
    c'est un petit bonheur du jour :)
    bonne et douce soirée

  4. Heureuse de te revoir sur la toile impatiente de voir ta nouveauté et peut être quelques photos belle soirée amitiés

  5. Je suis heureuse aussi de te retrouver ici ! J'adore tes créations !

  6. What a beautiful new design and photo. It seems as if everything out of Hungary is just beautiful. I think it’s time to spend more time with my big girl camera. Even if my eyesight doesn’t improve my pictures should. Right 😄? Happy stitching. Judy

  7. Beautiful patterns and stitching. I'd love to see my eyes improve as yours have!

    Enjoy your trip to Italy this year. We expect some fantastic pictures from your camera!!

  8. My good camera is feeling lonely at present I must get back to using it.
    You do beatiful cross stitch

  9. Beautiful new design.
    I love using my camera.