Monday, March 26, 2018

Happy Easter

My dear Stitchers,

I am happy to welcome you again, it had been a long time since my last presence in the stitching world.   

Last year was the dark year for me starting by losing my beloved Grandma who was the only stitching person in our family and I miss her beyond words. 

I had started a very intimate design, something that is very fragile and precious for me, called SACRED that was entirely dedicated to her and has been offered as a free stitch-along.    The main theme was the Virgin Mary and angels, a piece from my soul, a fairwell to my Grandma.   It was a devastating shock and made a deep wound in my heart when I found out that some women were selling out this otherwise free design as kits, furthermore recreating the texts and frame.   So I kept the final block unpublished, to get them in trouble very fast after they collecting money for something they  cannot obviously fulfill, nor will be able to inform anybody when the last piece could be send.  They were surely not aware how sensitive this design is for me.  

I made myself also almost unavailable for months.    

I had designed 14 new patterns during these months I had been completely away silently like a monk.  I haven't noticed before, but half of them are monochrome stitched with red, the colour of blood and wounds, some of them including sharp things like scissor themes, sometimes the frame is bleeding red also.   I have to say I love them despite the fact why they were born.    I got over what happened, it had been a healing process.  Now the pain is over.  Everything happens for a reason.   And what will happen to SACRED?  I will publish the final piece finally and I am very sorry for everybody in the stitch-along who had been the kindest and sweetest all the way long.   I am also very thankful for the many-many emails stitchers sent me int he past months with kind words and worries.  I hope you will find peace and joy in the upcoming weeks when I will release about 2 patterns per week I have so many now. 

I had also got my degree in Photography last month which is a great joy for me.  Now I am working on merging the stitching business into my photography works creating one visual art company.  I am also illustrating two childen books this year which is a great honour. 

So as the spring blossoms life gets back to track finally.   
I hope you are coming with me on this journey. 

Hugs with all my heart, 

Thursday, November 10, 2016


Dear Stitchers,

We have arrived to the finish of my primitive cross stitch calendar, Joyful World.
Tonight, before the clock hits midnight, I release the pattern of the last month, December. I am happy and sad at the same time.   Designing and creating this calendar became part of my life, almost like a job I love.

According to my filofax notes, designing (in 20+ languages), stitching, photoshooting, photoshoping, pattern making, releasing, promoting this calendar needed 121 days in 10 months, mainly the evening hours.

I have started releasing the first month this January in 2016 and hoped for some folks to come by and join the stich along of this calendar pattern I designed for my children.  I expected 30+ participants, most of them friends who are too nice to say no:-)   Today, November 10, 2016 there are 6.481 members in our Facebook group dedicated to this SAL.   You can guess that I am in shock for many months now.

I am happy we have done it, because we have done it together: I would have not been able to finish stitching it if it was not you who all come to join from all over the world!   This design (among with others) would have laid in my desk till the end of time on sheets of paper.

Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Stitching!:-)

Monday, October 10, 2016


My dear friends,

I am happy to share the November pattern of my primitive cross stitch calendar, Joyful World.
I am sad the calendar is soon to be over, there is only one month left:-)

Please, feel welcome to download the pattern, it is free for personal use and is available in multiply languages!

If you enjoy stitching with others and sharing your works with fellow stitchers, you can join our stitch along Facebook group here (click).   You will find 6,300 fellow stitchers today and also the patterns in PDF files, too.

Happy stitching!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Dear Stitchers,

Hello October!
I am happy to present you the October pattern of my Joyful World primitive cross stitch calendar!:-)  The pattern is free for personal use, you are welcome to download it and also to join our stitch-along Facebook group!:-)

Hugs, Maja +++++++++++++

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Dear Ladies,

It was time for the September pattern to arrive to the blog, too.  Thank you for your patience!:-)  I am still on holiday, offline enjoying freedom and summer.

Please, feel free to download the patterns.   The official page of the calendar is in our Facebook group:    

Happy Stitching!:)

Sunday, July 10, 2016


My dear Stitchers, 

We are in the middle of summer and it is time to release the August pattern of my JOYFUL WORLD calendar!  I chose one of my furry friends for the main role, a border collie!:-) 

You are welcome to stitch along  this calendar in our Facebook group here: CLICK
You can also download the patterns in the Facebook group (look for the files menu) and in this Pinterest album: CLICK 

The monthly patterns are free for personal use, you are welcome to dowload them!:-) 

Happy stitching! 

Friday, June 10, 2016

Joyful World - JULY pattern

hello my darlings,

I am happy to release today the next monthly pattern of my primitive cross stitch calendar, JOYFUL WORLD!:-)  Flamingo symbols how to maintain balance even in deep waters of life, how to be more social and enjoy group life and others company. I love this monthly pattern dearly.

Please feel free to download the patterns, they are all free for personal use!
You are welcome to join us in our calendar stitch-along group of 5,525 amazing stitchers today on Facebook here: click

Örömmel teszem közzé a következő havi mintáját a primitív keresztszemes naptáramnak, az Örömteli világnak!:-) A flamingók megtanítják nekünk, hogyan egyensúlyozzunk a mély vízben, hogyan legyünk nyitottak mások felé, igazi csapatjátékos.   Nagyon szeretem az ehavi mintát.
Nyugodtan töltsétek le, magáncélra szabadon felhasználható!
A Facebook-on a minta közös hímzésére létrejött csoportban is szeretettel látunk, már 5,525-en vagyunk!:-) klikk

Happy Stitching!:-)