Thursday, November 10, 2016


Dear Stitchers,

We have arrived to the finish of my primitive cross stitch calendar, Joyful World.
Tonight, before the clock hits midnight, I release the pattern of the last month, December. I am happy and sad at the same time.   Designing and creating this calendar became part of my life, almost like a job I love.

According to my filofax notes, designing (in 20+ languages), stitching, photoshooting, photoshoping, pattern making, releasing, promoting this calendar needed 121 days in 10 months, mainly the evening hours.

I have started releasing the first month this January in 2016 and hoped for some folks to come by and join the stich along of this calendar pattern I designed for my children.  I expected 30+ participants, most of them friends who are too nice to say no:-)   Today, November 10, 2016 there are 6.481 members in our Facebook group dedicated to this SAL.   You can guess that I am in shock for many months now.

I am happy we have done it, because we have done it together: I would have not been able to finish stitching it if it was not you who all come to join from all over the world!   This design (among with others) would have laid in my desk till the end of time on sheets of paper.

Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Stitching!:-)


  1. Thank you so much for this and all the other lovely patterns in this series!

  2. Maja, stitching this SAL has been pure joy all year long! It seems too little to say thank you, but thank you so very much!

  3. Oh, you talented and generous lady - don't you thank us, we all have to thank YOU for an extraordinairy stitching journey thru this year with heart warming patterns so adorable and lovely.

  4. It's beautiful! Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity in sharing this lovely stitchalong.

  5. I am not in FB but I started stitching along from September. Thank you, I enjoy every minute of stitching.

  6. Dear Maja, not only on Facebook but also via your blog many stitchers enjoyed your patterns so very much. Thank you for all those beautiful hours of "stitching along".
    Wish you the very best and hope to see more nice patterns from you again.
    T. from Holland.

  7. Thank you so much its beautiful! This Sal is lovely ,I like it.

  8. Thank you for 12 months of lovely patterns

  9. cela a été un grand plaisir de broder ton Joyful world tout au long de cette année. Merci pour ce délicieux modèles que je brode pour ma petite-fille et j'espère à l'année prochaine pour un nouveau sal
    et surtout de l'avoir mis aussi sur ton blog en plus de Facebook

  10. Thank you so much for this 12 lovely patterns.

  11. Bedankt voor al de mooie patronen van het afgelopen jaar !

  12. J'ai adoré tout les mois parus dans ce sal .N'ayant pas beaucoup de temps pour l'instant ,je l'ai enregistré et ai bien dans l'idée de le faire très vite tellement il me plaît .Surtout qu'il peut convenir pour n'importe quelle année .Merci pour ce bel ouvrage que tu nous as offert .Merci

  13. Thank you so much for the patterns. It was very kind of you to offer them free of charge. I love each design. I hope you will continue designing. And I have my fingers crossed for some kind of SAL for 2017!!!!! I've never joined a SAL and this has been exciting and fun.

  14. Congrats Maja on designing such a pretty SAL!
    I've seen & admired it over several blogs.
    A great success.

  15. Maja, thank you so much I have enjoyed the SAL very very much and mine is going to a lady who a year ago witnessed her husband's murder and for the last year this has been a great talking point for us both. I will finish December and gift it to her when she comes to the UK permanently from SA to be with her daughter and family who is a good friend of mine. I watapp her the cross stitch as I stitch it. She has no idea it will be for her. thank you for sharing this with us, it's been truly amazing xxx

  16. Un grand merci pour ce SAL que j'ai brodé avec beaucoup de plaisir tout au long de l'année.

  17. Thank you so very much for these lovely patterns. This one is a beautiful one. A perfect ending. You are a beautiful person!

  18. Many thanks to you !
    It was a great pleasure to stitch the designs every month .Now I enjoy having it close to me all year long .
    Freyssinette from France .

  19. You were so generous in giving all of us twelve months of gifts. I looked forward to each new one. Thank you so much! Would you ever consider doing something like this again? ps currently working on your Christmas design in the Punch Needle and Primitive Stitching issue.

  20. thank you--I have loved every design!!

  21. .Thank you so much for these beautiful charts. I am still making my way through them , but have enjoyed each and everyone one so much !

  22. I have been collecting your lovely and generous charts with the plan to make them for my DGD when she is older. Thank you very much!

  23. Thank you so much for the wonderful designs. Although I have not managed to get them all stitched out yet, I have downloaded them to work on when time allows.

  24. Such a beautiful last installment! Thank you so much for these designs - they are gorgeous! I'm preparing to stitch through them in 2017 since I discovered them only recently.

  25. I think there are over six thousand of us stitchers who are very happy to have had this wonderful SAL. thank YOU for this!!!

  26. Merci infiniment pour toutes ces grilles si gentiment offertes !

  27. encore merci pour ce cadeau attendu chaque mois, c'était un plaisir de retrouver ces jolies grilles,douze rendez-vous pour cette année 2016.
    bonne fin d'année à vous

  28. This pattern is so lovely. Thank you!

  29. Voilà l'année de ce SAL qui se termine. Merci infiniment pour ces très jolis modèles. Thank you very, very much.

  30. Ah, it's sooo beautiful! Thank yo so much!

  31. Merci pour cette très belle grille qui vient clore l'année et surtout un très grand merci de nous l'avoir offert si gentiment, bonne journée, bisous.

  32. Thank you for this wonderful pattern! I love also the fabric that you used!
    Monique 🐾🐾

  33. Muchas gracias Maja, ha sido todo un placer bordar contigo y con todas las participantes en este Sal, ha sido un estado de nervios esperando cada 10 del mes siguiente la nueva entrega, ha sido una maravilla.
    Muchas, pero que muchas gracias por tu tiempo, por tu entrega, por tu generosidad, por todo. Y cuando hagas algo nuevo ahí estaré encantada de bordar contigo en la distancia y a la vez en la cercanía.
    Un gran abrazo.

  34. Thank you so much Maja for these beautiful designs. I have not stitched them yet but I have them all saved on my computer for when I am ready to stitch them :)

  35. Thank you so much, I am not on Facebook, it's a real joy to stitch your calendar so lovely.I hope you have time to prepare a wonderful christmas, for your family. Perhaps next year, we have another wonderful calendar.I'm waiting each month, and a lovely surprise each month. Thank you, have great new year 2017 for you and your family ...

  36. Thank you Maja! I've enjoyed stitching these designs so much throughout the year. Best wishes to you and your family.

  37. Merci beaucoup pour cette année en ta compagnie fort agréable. On fini en beauté avec ce cerf majestueux.
    Merci également d'avoir pensé aux non abonnés à FB :-)
    Bonne fin de journée et Merci encore pour ton sal.

  38. This pattern is just so lovely ! Gorgious stitching !! Thank you a lot dear Maja ! A wonderful year that I'll spend in 2017 thanks to you, because I'm so late in this calender, taht I am still with February duck !! So, I decided to take it again in 2017. It's my great project !
    Have a nice ending year Maja !
    And a happy week end !

  39. It is I who thank you for sharing this wonderful design with us throughout the year.....I love the December design, so peaceful and contentment.

  40. Merci beaucoup pour les belles grilles que tu nous as offert!
    bon week-end

  41. Simply Beautiful. You've been very kind and generous with these precious designs all year. God bless you. x

  42. Merci pour ces 12 grilles toutes plus jolies les unes que les autres. Mention spéciale pour cette dernière, j'adore ce cerf. MERCIIIIII !

  43. Tu nous auras vraiment enchantés toute l'année 2016 grâce à tes motifs !
    Je les garde précieusement, cela me donne plein d'espoir pour d'éventuels petits-enfants dans le futur

    merci encore et bonne continuation avec tes propres enfants

  44. I have fell in love with each monthly design as they came out. I retire on my 66 birthday and plan on stitching it after that. Only one year to go! Thank you so much for such a beautiful gift!

  45. Thank you for all these lovely patterns!
    Love, Evelien

  46. Maja thank you very muche for this opportunity to cross stitch together this beautiful charts...we hope a new work in the new year...kisses

  47. Muchas gracias por tu generosidad, tu sabiduría y tus creaciones.

  48. Merci ! Thanks for the lovely patterns. ; it was great.

  49. Dank! Merci ! Thank you. I have not yet stitched your calander and I am no member of Facebook. But I'll let you know when I use your patterns.
    It is a beautifyl project and I am happy for you for your succes. I have come across your patterns via many different ways on many different sites on the internet. You were "the talk of the town"
    Good luck in the future. Amicalement, Liesbeth

  50. Thank you for all these wonderful patterns!

  51. Thank you so much for a year of beautiful charts. You are so kind to have done this. Thank you!

  52. Thank you so much for your generous gift of these patterns. Have a happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Guida.

  53. Your generosity is very much appreciated. Thanks for these awesome designs.. Merry Christmas from Saskatchewan, Canada..:)

  54. Gracias por compartir , están muy bonitos.

  55. Bonne fin d'année MAgda !
    Et plein de bonnes choses pour tes nouveaux projets !

  56. Hi,
    Is it possible to buy a thread pack for the whole series which are just beautiful.
    I would love to stitch the entire 12 month designs next year and wuold really appreciate being able to purchase all the threads first,
    With kind regards,

  57. Thank you for the amazing SAL. The blocks started off lovely...and just kept getting more beautiful!

  58. I am only on July, but I want to thank you for your dedication and beautiful designs! I know I will eventually finish them all and what a gorgeous collection I will have! God bless!

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  60. Thank you for a "grudzień" and Happy New Year!

  61. Hi Maja,
    Beautiful, beautiful design!
    I'm a year late, butI'm starting now.
    Can I ask you what fabric you used for yours?
    best of wishes for the new year!
    Anna, Sweden

  62. Oh, it looks like a great SAL and I missed it! I think I could do it this year, I love designs from this calendar ♥ And you have so many beautiful works here..

  63. What a wonderful blog ! I just discovered your blog and I had a good time. I live in France and it's fun to discover embroiderers all over the word. Bye bye and see you soon !

  64. Hi Maja, I loved so much your pattern, when have you time to create an other one ?
    I realize all the months of the SAL . It's so wonderful, thank you.
    Best wishes from Switzerland.

  65. HEllo, je me fais du souci pour toi, plus de nouvelle même sans grillette. Tout va bien ?
    I worry about you, no news... how do you feel ?


  66. Hello,
    I discover your nice blog and I subscribe with pleasure. Congratulations on your lovely creations!

  67. Hi,

    I love your blog !!! I love your pattern, your design ....
    Thank you for all.
    I wish that you come soon

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  70. I'm probably a dunce but I can't find January through May.
    I LOVE these designs. I'd been sitting and searching for a project to begin stitching on a long drive. This is just what I wanted!
    You do beautiful work!

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  72. Beautiful decorations, I think I will do similar at home!

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  74. Thank-you very much for this delightful series .. I'm a little late to the party, but will be stitching them all this year <3

  75. beautiful decorations I have to admit :)

  76. Very interesting decorations , greetings!

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  79. Thank you so much for these beautiful designs! I can't wait to stitch them!

  80. I just saw July finished by the Buckeye Stitcher on Flosstube (youtube) episode and it was so cute that I had to find them. These are so wonderful and well done I can't believe you did this all for free. You are truly talented and what a beautiful and generous person you are. I saved them all and hope to get July started this weekend and maybe completed by the start of the month. Thank you so much!

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    ความไม่คุ้มค่าในเชิงเวลา ทำให้คนรุ่นใหม่จากทุกๆ อาชีพ เลือกที่มองหาการลงทุนที่ให้ผลตอบแทนที่สูงกว่า นั่นก็คือ "การเทรดออนไลน์" โดยระบบของ ZFX เปิดโอกาสให้คุณสามารถเข้าไปซื้อขายได้ด้วยตัวเอง ทั้งตลาดหุ้น ทองคำ น้ำมัน ค่าเงิน สกุลเงินดิจิตอล ฯลฯ รวมถึงการคัดลอกสัญญาณการเทรดจากมืออาชีพ หรือเลือกใช้หุ่นยนต์เทรดอัตโนมัติที่มีให้ทดลองใช้จากทั่วโลก