Hello! My name is Maja,  a 30+ year old Hungarian lady from  Middle-Eastern Europe.  I grew up in Eger, a historical, beautiful place with an old castle, church towers, thermal bath and world famous wines.  I attended English schools and lived in the USA, that is why I am very much influenced by the British and the American culture. 

I am a lawyer and love my job.   I have a degree and title in law and politics.  I am engaged in legal practice and  have a vein and interest for arts and crafts.    It was not publicly known,  it was my decision to use nicknames for my arts, mainly paintings.  

I am a happy and proud mama of three children.  


I have been sewing and crafting from childhood, I love everything handmade.   My mother is a very creative and talented artist with a degree in fine arts.  My father is a math professor, also a highly creative person and handyman.   

I began painting suddenly in my twenties when I first took a glimpse at the Hungarian cover of the Harry Potter books.   I felt the deepest "injustice" to the character of Severus Snape (bold and fat), something I must solve to bring peace to the world, so I painted my interpretation, the way I imagined him.   We are talking about two hundred illustrations, so you can see, the urge hit me like a thunderbolt.. *you are allowed to laugh, I laugh, too*

Some of my works: 

To see MORE of my paintings, please, visit my gallery

In 2011 I was pregnant with our twins, when I discovered cross stitching - painting with needle and thread.  Stitching soon became a beloved addiction and I had already spent a fortune on stash as we stitchers all do.   

This blog is dedicated to the journey in the needlework industry with my husband who encouraged me to just start doing.  He is my main supporter and advisor.

The blog opened in March 8th, 2013.  
Well, long live the Queen:-)


I love nature, the forests, the sea, the mountains, the trees, and all kinds of tiny, white flowers with decent, fresh scent.  I wore them in my hair as a bride, because they represent me so well. I am a winter girl and one of my favourite colour is white.  I liked the legend of the snowdrops: when Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden, Eve was about to give up hope in the long, freezing winter when an angel came, and the snowflakes turned into snowdrops as the first sign of spring...
The English name, snowdrop refers jewelry, white earings, that I found beautiful, but I liked the fine, soft melody of the "mirror translation" of our simple Hungarian word better and that is: snowflower.   

Thank you for visiting my space.   Your comments mean a lot to me.  You are very welcome, I hope you enjoy your stay.   
If you have any question, please, feel free to contact me. 

With so much love,