The Meaning Behind The Snowflower Diaries Charity Program

We believe we are responsible for doing something good for the world with what we have.  It feels good to find a true motivation in all our effort and in our everyday life.    Anna Frank said: Noone has ever become poor by giving. 
I, myself, always thought my talent for arts is a bonus from God.   Probably I could have been living a full life only focusing on my muggle job, running a legal office and be a good mother to my children.   I am convinced we all have to serve our gifts we were granted, let it be an instrument to do something good. 
I have designed a little angel, and named her Angela.  The first letter of the ABC, the first angel to serve a good cause, the one that is most important in our life.

ANGELA, the first and her mission
She will bring you to an abandoned place in Budapest, Hungary, East-Central Europe, 2013. This is a day-care nursery for babies and toddlers in the XIVth District, standing in the shadow of tall urban, low design quality blocks of flats that were built - as well as the nursery -  in the communist era to solve a housing crisis.    
This nursery is in a very bad condition without the hope of renoviation in the near future.   There are too many day-care centers in such awful conditions, the waiting list is huge for that little money these institutes have to share.   The building is old, leaky, broken and dirty.  There are such holes you can put all your fingers in.   There are palm-size holes in the floor in the room, where groups of  25 children spend their day. 
When I first met this place, the garden door was closed with an old string.  It was 6 years ago and that time I believed the local government that big renewal is coming, so relax, mothers.  Nothing had happened, except that the budget became more thinner.  Today the nursery can hardly afford to buy toilette paper. 
With a group of parents we decided there is no more wait.   No more empty promises, especially before elections.  No more excuse for the lack of money.    It was, before Angela, when I started to raise money first for a bigger project.   It was very-very hard, because people thought we bring water to the ocean, the building is in such an awful condition.   And it was. Though we could not finish everything we planned, the difference is already striking.   You would have not guessed it is the same place, believe me:-) Let me show you before and after pictures: 

The total profit of The Snowflower Dairies: ANGELA will be dedicated to finishing this project and fill some of the shelves...  We had to sacrifice every money and savings for this renovation and again, there is no money left for buying these children new and modern toys.  Their books and toys are mostly worn, old and retro.    The last time I raised a fund for this goal was in 2009.   
This year we got nice new wooden kitchen made by a carpenter and we would like to buy them little washing machine, vacuum cleaner, little toaster.   I have mothers who are sewing them princess dresses and king gowns.  In a second stage and this is an old-old dream to buy them Lego duplo, real lego duplo instead of those horrible fake plastic blocks they have. 
At the end I have to tell you that despite the poverty, the children are happy here, thank to the nurses who are very dedicated and caring, the children sing and draw, run a lot in the garden.   (I had organised a garden makeover, too, because they did not have a single flower:-) Now they have, a lot, thank God.)
Thank you very much for your help!
God bless you all!