Monday, March 26, 2018

Happy Easter

My dear Stitchers,

I am happy to welcome you again, it had been a long time since my last presence in the stitching world.   

Last year was the dark year for me starting by losing my beloved Grandma who was the only stitching person in our family and I miss her beyond words. 

I had started a very intimate design, something that is very fragile and precious for me, called SACRED that was entirely dedicated to her and has been offered as a free stitch-along.    The main theme was the Virgin Mary and angels, a piece from my soul, a fairwell to my Grandma.   It was a devastating shock and made a deep wound in my heart when I found out that some women were selling out this otherwise free design as kits, furthermore recreating the texts and frame.   So I kept the final block unpublished, to get them in trouble very fast after they collecting money for something they  cannot obviously fulfill, nor will be able to inform anybody when the last piece could be send.  They were surely not aware how sensitive this design is for me.  

I made myself also almost unavailable for months.    

I had designed 14 new patterns during these months I had been completely away silently like a monk.  I haven't noticed before, but half of them are monochrome stitched with red, the colour of blood and wounds, some of them including sharp things like scissor themes, sometimes the frame is bleeding red also.   I have to say I love them despite the fact why they were born.    I got over what happened, it had been a healing process.  Now the pain is over.  Everything happens for a reason.   And what will happen to SACRED?  I will publish the final piece finally and I am very sorry for everybody in the stitch-along who had been the kindest and sweetest all the way long.   I am also very thankful for the many-many emails stitchers sent me int he past months with kind words and worries.  I hope you will find peace and joy in the upcoming weeks when I will release about 2 patterns per week I have so many now. 

I had also got my degree in Photography last month which is a great joy for me.  Now I am working on merging the stitching business into my photography works creating one visual art company.  I am also illustrating two childen books this year which is a great honour. 

So as the spring blossoms life gets back to track finally.   
I hope you are coming with me on this journey. 

Hugs with all my heart, 


  1. Maja,
    I send lots of greetings !!!!
    So long I have not seen your pictures that I love.
    Time heals the very painful wounds ...
    Have beautiful days with incoming spring and flowers.
    The picture of the bunny is very nice and cute.
    Congratulations on illustrating books.

  2. I am sorry for your loss and can only imagine how it must feel to have something you designed sold as kits by people out to make money only for themselves :(

    It will be good to see you around again, I have missed your posts here.

  3. I'vm very sorry for your Grandmother!!
    WElcom back in your blog!!
    Hugs and best wishes from BUlgaria!
    Aliona Bots

  4. Őszinte részvétem!
    Nekem is volt egy hímzős nagymamám...
    A napokban kerestem a Joyfull World keretmintáját a blogodon, de sajnos nem találtam. Hol lehet rálelni?

  5. I am truly sorry to read of your beloved Grandmother's passing. I am also sorry that a few people made the choice to profit from your generosity and kindness with your SAL piece. Thinking of you!

  6. Sorry about your loss...nice to see you back.

  7. Je suis désolé de la perte de votre grand mère chère à votre coeur.
    Par contre je suis ravie de vous retrouver et toutes mes félicitations pour votre diplôme de photographe.
    A bientôt.

  8. Je suis profondement désolé pour toi Maja comme je te comprend j ai perdu l annee derniere ma belle maman que j aimais énormément alors je sais que c est dure .Je suis contente de te retrouvé a nouveau avec tes merveilles ��je t embrasse bien fort

  9. I am so sorry for your loss. The insensitivities of people never ceases to amaze and dishearten me, again I am sorry. I have enjoyed your patterns.

  10. Je suis de tout coeur avec vous, il faut du temps pour cicatricer ses blessures j'espère que vos passions vous aideront à surmonter cette lourde épreuve ,bon courage, bisous.

  11. so very sorry to hear your Grandma passed away. God bless you and your family and may your wounds be healed with wonderful memories of the time you spent with your Grandma. God bless.

  12. Amitié d'une brodeuse qui crée aussi, et qui te comprend. Bisous et bon courage pour la suite.

  13. I have missed your beautiful designs as I did the 2016 monthly and framed each one to sit on my fire mantle. I have enjoyed each one. It is hard sometimes the cruelty and selfishness of some people who do not think of others and there feelings. I do understand as I have had that happen to me. They must have to stay up all night to do their acts! I know. I am glad you are back. Stronger and wiser I am sure. I look forward to these new and exciting works of art to recreate by my own hand and own supplies! Thank you for sharing your beautiful note of moving on even though you are hurt.

  14. Dear Maja, I'm so sorry. My english is very bad to express wath I'm feeling.😥

  15. I am so sorry about all the things that happened to you!People have been worried and were asking each other what had happened to you! I didn't stitch SACRED as my life changed a lot and I couldn't deal with such a big SAL. But on my wall I have the Flower Fairies 2016 calendar and really love it and hope that one day you will make a new cross stitch SAL. I am sorry people robbed you of your ideas and I am sorry to say there are so many people who rob cross stitchers from their patterns.It's a pity. Anyway I hope we will see more of you here and on fb. AriadnefromGreece!

  16. nice to have you back.........sorry to hear about your grandma....ignore the bad and focus on the good people.......enjoy your stitching.......

  17. Je suis de tout cœur avec toi ! C'est un moment très dur que tu as passé. Je suis heureuse de voir que tu vas mieux et que tu reviens ici. Bisous tout doux

  18. I am so sorry for your loss, Maja.
    Also sorry to hear of the trouble you’ve had!
    Congratulations on your degree, and it’s lovely to see you return.
    Wishing you all the best for the future!
    Barbara xx

  19. C'est toujours difficile de perdre ce que l'on aime, je suis heureuse de ton nouveau travail de photographe et d'illustratrice tu mérites le mieux.

  20. Maja, I was thinking about you for two last weeks, cause I was stiching two nice bunnies by your designe "Spring Bunny Love" :)

  21. I am so sorry about the loss of your grandmother. Losses like that take time to heal.

    Theft of designs is all too common. Shame on all of them. I’m glad you were able to hold back on one of the designs.

  22. Welcome back, Maja. I know your pain, I lost my beautiful mother in 2016, and that led me to return to stitching. I found your blog and your Facebook group and I stitched the lovely calendar as gift for my sister. It brought me peace and joy. Thank you for bringing us your talent. I am so sorry that there are nasty people out there stealing others hard work. so many of us love and support you. Hugs.

  23. I have wondered where you were. So sorry about your Grandmother. With that and people taking your designs as their own it would have been a difficult time for you. It sounds as if it was good for your soul and spirit to have the time to grieve and be creative with new deigns. I look forward to your posts again this year. Karen,Hannah and Baa. xxx

  24. I'm sorry about your Grandmother. Missed your lovely work and words. Glad you're back.

  25. It is so good to hear from you again. I wish you all the best in these difficult times

  26. So sorry for your sad loss of your loved grandmother.
    Time is a good healer .
    Wishing you a good week.

  27. so sorry for your sad loss of your loved grandma
    all my friendship

  28. je suis désolé pour la perte de ta grand mère et tous tes ennuis, mais je suis heureuse de pouvoir te lire à nouveau , félicitation pour ton nouveau métier en tant que photographe et illustratrice

  29. Maja: I am so sorry for your loss, I lost my dear mother last April, the first without loved ones is always the hardest.
    I am so happy to see you are back.
    I am excited to see your new designs, sometimes when our hearts hurt we grieve with color, I know I do.
    I hope you are have a wonderful Spring.


  30. je suis de tout cœur avec vous et très désolée que des personnes profitent de votre générosité, c'est insupportable
    Le temps qui passe adoucit le chagrin,
    je vous souhaite de joyeuses Pâques
    A bientôt

  31. Sajnálom, hogy ennyi rossz történt veled. Isten nyugosztalja a nagymamádat!

    Örülök, hogy újra hallani felőled. Szívből kívánom, hogy az idei év szebb legyen a számodra. Áldott húsvétot kívánok előre is!

  32. I am so glad you are back with us. You have been greatly missed. I am sorry for your loss but glad to see you you are feeling better. I cannot image anyone doing that - selling your work as their's. That's just despicable. You are so generous with your designs - I am sorry this happened to you. Welcome back.

  33. It is so good to see you back again! Sorry for your loss, much strenght!
    Looking forward to your new designs, still not sure if Sacred is something for me, but looking at my calendar, which I stitched during 2017, every day.

  34. Hello Maja
    very happy to see you back in the blogging world !
    Hugs from LACréative-Genève

  35. Very sorry for the loss of your grandmother and the theft of the patterns you so kindly offered. You have been missed.

  36. Très heureuse que tu vas mieux malgré la douloureuse perte de ta grand mère et le vol de tes dessins ,c est honteux .bonne fête de paques

  37. Hi Maja, glad to hear you are back, your work is stunning! I think it is amaizing, when you were able to get all the sadness from your heart by the creative part of your life. There are not many people who can something bad in their life transform into something beautiful at the end. Can't wait for your next design! Congratulation to the photography degree and ilustration work too! Sending you big hug!! Klara

  38. What a year. I am glad you have returned and look forward to your future designs. So sorry that you have been through so much.

  39. I am so very sorry for your loss. And for what happened with your chart. Theft of patterns is always a despicable thing, even more when it refers to a pattern that means so much to the designer.
    Congratulations on your degree

  40. So glad to hear from you and very sorry for your deep despair. I lost a brother, my father and an aunt who was my best friend in 4 months. I was in a fog of grief but as you say spring is a time of rebirth. May you find peace in your journey

  41. Lamento muchísimo tu irreparable pérdida, Maja, más allá de las palabras .
    Me alegran tus logros, tanto como detesto a las personas aprovechadas con el trabajo ajeno. Espero que los pongas en su sitio, pues no se merecen menos.
    Un abrazo

  42. Sajnálom, h. nem írsz magyarul! A googli fordító használhatatlan. Nem tudok angolul. Most elköszönök Tőled, további sok sikert!

  43. Lo lamento Maja. Un gran abrazo.

  44. Maja, I am so sorry for all the pain you have experienced over the last year... it is lovely to hear that you are healing and on your way back. Look after yourself.. looking forward to seeing the final piece of Sacred. Take care, hugs x

  45. Maja, I am so sorry that you have lost your grandmother and sorry that you were hurt by the thoughtlessness of others. I admire your resilience. Your generosity and dedication to the old art of stitching is a tribute to your grandmother. I hope you will feel joy in the celebration of Easter and the renewal of life that spring brings.

  46. Sono contentissima che stai bene...aspettiamo le tue creazioni in secret....baci laura

  47. I am so very sorry for your loss. Sending you positive thoughts and prayers and I hope that those who stole your work will find that karma is a worthy adversary.

  48. So sorry to hear about your grandmother. The pain will lessen but I don't think it ever goes completely away. Those who stole your designs and marketed them as their own, are truly the lowest of the low. I'm so sorry that happened to you at a time that you were dealing with your grandmothers death. Surely there are better days ahead.

  49. I am so very sorry for your loss. We are all here for you, just let us know what you need (hearts and prayers)

  50. Sewing and creating is a great healer, especially when there are so many memories within it, look after yourself.

  51. I am so sorry and understand a broken heart, it makes it hard to do anything. Please take all the time you need to heal; I’m so glad you made time for yourself even if we missed you. Sending you love and peace.

  52. I am so sorry for the loss of your Grandmother and the actions of a few people who attempt to profit from your work.
    I have missed seeing your posts and I'm glad to see you back. I hosted my usual Easter Blog Hop and your designs were very popular. As always!

  53. I can find no words for what is happen to you. I am very glad that you are back. At the moment I plan a Sampler with the theme Paradise an I will use some of your freebies.
    Waving greetings Larissa

  54. Thank you for letting your readers know what had happened. My sympathies, along with those of so many others, are with you, Maja. These grandmothers are such special people... so many have given inspiration, particularly in the needle arts. Her spirit will live on in your work.... Thank you for sharing your designs. We missed you.

  55. I am so sorry for your loss, I too miss my grandmother dearly. I am so disappointed in people trying to profit through your free designs. But am so thrilled that I have stumbled across your blog and hope to see more of you and your most gorgeous designs!

  56. Lo siento mucho Maja, siempre estará en tu corazón.Un abrazo

  57. I'm so sorry about your Grandma, I'm sure you have wonderful memories, treasure them.
    People can be so unbelievably awful, what an evil thing to do, especially since it was so special to you.

  58. bon retour parmi nous. Cela me fait bien plaisir de vous lire
    Après toutes ces déconvenues, j'espère que vous êtes plus sereine pour l'avenir

  59. So sorry for hearing this, I was sligthly worried because i entered to the blog and i have no news about you. I made the first SAL (calendar one) and I love it! Thanks for sharing your work my next project is the FRIDA one, i buyed a long time ago and I couldn't stitched before!! You are very kind and the people who are taking advantage from your work are a simple excuse instead human. Love

  60. Happy to see you again and so sorry for your Grandma.
    Bon retour parmi nous avec tes superbes créations, prends soin de toi.

  61. My heart goes out to you. It is devastating to lose someone and then also have someone disrespect your work. I love your designs and look forward to seeing more.

  62. So sorry for the loss of your grandma, cherish all the memories and let them help with your grief. Thank you for all your lovely designs, I so love them.

  63. I am very happy that I read your post again. Keep the good work going on....

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  78. I have just found your blog and i am very sorry to see that you seem to have discontinued. Lovely patterns! I have just started x stitching and hope to make these monthly ones. Pehaps are you located at a different site? Onr can only hope.